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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Patches Comes Home

After visiting a local mom, Patches came home for a few days to catch up. It was great to see him, and I can honestly say that when I held him, I could feel great energy from him. I believe that energy is from all of you who have hosted Patches so far. What a great feeling!

Here are a few photos from his visit home:

Emma was thrilled to see Patches, but not too happy with him sitting on her head.

Patches poses with my Bleeding Hearts

With a flower from my Apple Tree (see it in bloom in the background?)

I am pleased that Patches is enjoying his trip and that he has been 'patching up' broken hearts everywhere. While he was home, I took photos of his Travel Log so we can see where he's been.

Patches is on his way again. He will be missed, but I know he is fulfilling his purpose...

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Thank you again to everyone who has hosted and taken such good care of Patches.


Joc(e) said...

I (heart) Patches! So glad he got to come home for a visit and see the beautiful springtime there. I love the photo of him with Emma too! Can't wait till he arrives at my doorstep -- he'll go on all kinds of (safe) adventures :-)

Maggie said...

I love those bleeding heart flowers! and can't wait to see Patches when he comes to see me!