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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still no word on patches.... :(

I am not sure what to do at this point, it appears that Patches has either gone missing enroute to his destination or someone has kept him.

I could start over with one of his siblings or cousins but it just wouldn't be the same.

What are your thoughts?


Alissa said...

I am so, so sorry over the loss of Patches. I feel somewhat responsible given the fact that Patches was on his way to me. I am hoping he wasn't lost on his way to me....but I really hope someone wouldn't keep him given what he means to so many. I respect whatever you decide to do. Hugs, Ter.

Amberly said...

I think you should start over. Lots of people still need the love that someone in Patches "family" can offer. A cousin or sibling of Patches will do just the trick and will, in time, become just as special as Patches.

Holly said...

Bummed Patches went missing :( I think Patches would want people to keep getting comfort so a family member of Patches would still be lovely for visits

MEK said...

Maybe he will show up one day. Until then send his sister or brother out to help comfort others <3